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Naples terminal

At the terminal in Naples we have a large storage area for empty or full tank containers, including those classified as ADR. This area is specifically designed to accommodate the safe storage of these containers, which can contain a variety of hazardous materials. The area is under video surveillance 24/7.

Kalmar Reachstacker: security and reliability

A Kalmar Reachstacker is a type of crane specifically designed for container handling. It is capable of lifting and moving containers up to 40 feet, with very high level performance, and is operated by specially trained and licensed personnel.

Telematic management of containers

Thanks to modern IT systems we are able to track and manage all the tank containers in our terminal in real time. In addition, we take photos of each container when it enters and leaves our terminal, and send them directly to the customers so that they can track their location. This real-time tracking and monitoring system gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their containers are safe and secure.

Caivano terminal

The Caivano terminal extends over an area of 5000m2 and has a CVS Ferrari Reachstacker for container handling, 4 overhead cranes, and the possibility of electric and hot water heating.

Reachstacker CVS Ferrari

At the Caivano terminal we use a Reachstacker CVS Ferrari, which can lift and stack containers and other bulky cargo up to 46 tons. It has a telescopic boom that can reach different heights and distances, and a spreader that can rotate and tilt the load.

24/7 surveillance

The container terminal area in Caivano is equipped with video surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cameras record and store all activities that take place in the area.