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Heating station

Heating station

Constant control and monitoring

Our tank heating system is controlled by operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including through advanced remote systems. This ensures that the temperature of the tanks is maintained within a safe and controlled range, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. We have 10 steam heating stations, 3 hot water heating stations, and 5 electric heating stations. All stations are subject to numerous and continuous checks to guarantee their efficiency and reliability.

SAIT certified probes

The temperature of the tank is measured using a sample thermometer and SAIT certified probes. The thermometer is inserted into the tank at a strategic location to ensure that the temperature reading is accurate. The probes are used to monitor the temperature at multiple points in the tank, providing a more comprehensive view. The data from the thermometer and probes is collected and monitored by the operators. This data is used to make adjustments to the heating system as needed to ensure that the tank temperature is maintained within the desired range.

Remote heating

Our advanced remote system allow the operators to monitor and control the heating from anywhere. This is a valuable feature because it provides operators with 24/7 access to the system, and allows them to respond to any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently. The system consist of a network of sensors and computers that monitor the temperature, pressure, and flow of the heating. This data is then transmitted to a central control station where it can be viewed and controlled.